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Once we agree to work together, we begin to match candidate goals with our client organizations whose position requirements and profiles indicate a match of similar values and whose vision and strategy are such that the candidate would obviously integrate nicely into their firm and be viewed as a key asset in helping them achieve their vision/mission. We have an in depth discussion about the candidate's career and developmental goals and then we check their background and references to better understand their strengths from a different perspective.

We then make the appropriate introductions, and where client organizations see a good fit, a phone interview will be arranged, possibly followed by an invitation to interview the candidate in person. We partner with candidates and the client organization to ensure a good fit. Both parties will be asked to feedback both benefits and concerns about the possibility of a hire. We work to leverage the benefits of the potential match in order to address hidden or voiced concerns in a manner which ensures they are dealt with in a forthright and honest manner; once both parties are satisfied with the strength of the fit, an offer is generally made.

Our experience has shown that by integrating the candidate's professional and developmental goals with our client organization's vision and long-term strategy for success, that filling an organization's position requirements simply comes more naturally, fostering a better foundation from which to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

The candidate ends up working with an organization whose values are aligned more closely with their own, and our client organizations end up with employees who are fully committed to the direction of their organization, and to working hard to help achieve it!

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